“OLD SCHOOL IS NOW NEW SCHOOL” –  (written in 2008)

And It’s Called “Today’s Soul”…

Who records a demo and sings on the bill with legends just a few weeks after?  Ms. Rozalyn Shepard, the Queen (affectionately called by her fans) of ”Today’s Soul” has performed with such legends as Blue Magic, Evelyn “Champagne” King, Ernie Isley, GQ, The Delfonics, Ray, Goodman and Brown, The Stylistics, Col. Abrams, Glenn Jones, Keith Washington, The Persuaders, The Escorts, The Intruders, Najee, D-Train, Johnny Kemp, Kurtis Blow and more. Next on her agenda is the Today’s R&B circuit performing with Mary, Keisha, Jennifer, Beyonce’, Alicia and Jill, where she will bring her brand of ”Today’s Soul” that her audiences can’t seem to get enough of.

Rozalyn is a child music prodigy. She stumbled into the knowledge that she could sing at a youth sleep over at her pastor’s home at the age of seven, and has been singing ever since. As a child, many praised her gift of singing. Today she is still given that same praise. Ask her what she thinks and she will tell you she just sings what she feels.

 Singing for the joy of it, Rozalyn’s debut acetate was released in April 2008 and is pleasing crowds everywhere while still in its testing stage. Her unique combination of smooth and gritty vocals fuses Soul, R&B, Jazz, funk, hip hop, house, and gospel music. Her mission is to bring soul music back to the industry. Yes, that same soul music that labels like Motown created, that made R&B music what it is today, but seems to be missing from the airways, e-commerce and records stores. That music!

Passionately looking for talent for her label,  to accomplish her mission, little did she suspect that she would be in the forefront of this worthy endeavor as an artist.

 In addition to her HOT CD, her live show, “Cafe Roz” is phenomenal!! “Until now, new soul artists did not have much of an outlet of expression for their gifts and talents because the music industry had moved away from what it once was when it didn’t really matter what age you were, or how you looked. All that mattered then was the quality and strength of your talent.  And, artists and industry people were dedicated to producing music and creating songs that were written with a relevant story, using live musicians, real instruments and no auto tune. My soon to be release album consists of all the above. Every song has a relevant story with a message and music that anyone can relate to, whether they are male, female, adult, teenager, child, Old School, Today’s R&B or a “New” Soul music lover.”

 Classic R&B now has a “new” soul and her name is Rozalyn Shepard!   “It’s time for some new sounds to echo from the music industry. I really don’t mind if it begins with me or with others like me.

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The Evolution of an “Incomparable Songstress” – (written in 2012)

       Being tasked with the revival of a musical genre–“Soul Music,” is a daunting task, for anyone to undertake–even for a gifted child prodigy. Ms. Roz Shepard has not only shown she is capable, but has collaborated with, and or opened for “Legendary” musicians such as: Evelyn “Champagne” King; Ernie Isley; The Delfonics; Ray, Goodman and Brown; The Stylistics; Keith Washington; Najee; Johnny Kemp and Kurtis Blow, and the list goes on.

      The acknowledgement of these “Legends,” their diversity, musical talent(s), and longevity (which spans decades), not only validates Ms. Shepard’s ability to blend the various genres, but also validates her as a gifted artist herself. Her unique style and brand of music clearly conveys why many have deemed her, “The Rising Queen to be of Soul Music.”

      The commission of, “ The Rising Queen to be…,”  that being, to bring an entire genre back to the forefront of music as a whole, and then subsequently taking it to the world, i.e., re-positioning and re-placing it as, “top-shelf,” requires not only vision and GODLY guidance, but Spiritual En-gifting as well. It is an undertaking that only a select few would consider, let alone be capable of accomplishing. For, few have the ability, and even more would prefer to mimic and ascribe to the “status-quo,” rather than utilize talent and be an originator.

      Re-establishing “Soul Music” as the gauge and benchmark, by which all other genre are measured, and doing so not merely by sales, but by talent and through desire and commitment, by being “a master of thy craft,” we must agree would be difficult, would it not? To be viewed, and globally accepted as a bonafide, “…gifted artist  who sets the standard”–internally believed, by all that hear and love your music, to be the undeniable forerunner of that genre, one for the ages, and then to be deemed “classic,” would place an individual in a category all by themselves.

      It would classify them as, “incomparable,” in this case, an “Incomparable Songstress,” whose talent knows no limit(s). This is the embodiment of Ms. Roz Shepard–gifted yet not compromising, ever evolving and improving as only the very best desire to do, and can–  the “Incomparable Songstress.”

      Having amassed a strong and growing following of devoted musical connoisseurs, both home and abroad, (who desire the music of days gone-by, yet as well an artist who can surpass the “status-quo” and delivers immeasurable music of worth and quality today), has not been easy. Thus, it has been a multi-year, and ongoing enterprise, which Ms. Shepard shall endeavor until her last breath.   For, she strives to produce music only of the highest caliber, which is and shall be categorized, as “extraordinary,” or “par excel lance.” She has, is and shall continue to do so.   Stay tuned


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